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                                             SCC Foundation Scholarship Application

Welcome to the SCC Foundation Scholarship Application. Scholarships are made possible by generous donors. Eligibility criteria varies among scholarships, so take the time and effort to set yourself apart from other applicants. We recommend you complete the FAFSA prior to your  Scholarship application submission.

Annual applications are required.  Application and Letters of Recommendation must be submitted online within the application.

Deadline for Incoming and Current SCC Students 

  • Incoming & Current Student Scholarship Application
    • September 15 (Spring only Awards)


Student Login:


Access the SCC Foundation Scholarship application by creating a user name and password that you will need for future login to accept awards. Use your SCC email address or email you check frequently.  DO NOT USE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL EMAIL

Password requirements: 8 Characters, including 1 character from 3 of the 4 groups: 
Upper Case Letters; Lower Case Letters; Numbers and Symbols



Enter the user name and the password used when you created your account. Do not create more than one account. If you completed an online scholarship last year, or if you have already started this year’s application, you are a Returning User.


Link to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Click HERE.

Please direct all other questions to the SCC Foundation by calling (319) 208-5066 or contacting Reta Krieger

Southeastern Community College Foundation •  Room AD8 • 1500 W Agency Road • West Burlington • Iowa  52655


Thank you for applying for SCC Foundation Scholarships!

Every effort has been taken to present accurate and current information. The application website is secure. Should you decide to submit an application, your information will not be accessible to anyone other than our approved application screeners and only during the screening period.